New administrative banditism, this time from Mario Pinto, President of the
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

And I am trying to deliver these documents to the press, again, in vain.


To “GOPUBLIC” beautiful CBC team:

The story I wish to GO PUBLIC is

at my new site



the documents are now posted on the

concealment of fraud

by the President of the

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada,

Dr. B. Mario Pinto.


March 14, 2017. I am sorry, I sent 3 emails to the beautiful,

but not even a smallest reply so far.

I am sure they will be delighted to broadcast this story. It REALLY has nationwide appeal.

And, it is in the PUBLIC INTEREST, which eventually is the CBC goal – to improve Canada.

As I noted in my emails:

“There is undeniable public interest in showing these documents to the public, as there are clear indications that NSERC is acting as a criminal organisation, against scientists and against public interest. Some of the deep dissatisfaction with NSERC has been publicly voiced over the years; the last such publication was in Toronto Star: “Canadian researchers who commit scientific fraud are protected by privacy laws”, July 12, 2016, where the opinion is that NSERC is routinely covering up fraud in science. However, the documents of such cases, so far, were not available to the public or to the scientific community. There is a regime of conspiracy of silence and fear in scientific community.”

 O, Canada public needs these documents because science here is in the wrong hands.